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How to get started

We have found that many of our new members were nervous about coming to their first meeting and were worried that they would feel out of place. We want to assure you that we try very hard to make new members feel welcome. We are just a bunch of people that like to talk about politics with like-minded people. It’s a great feeling to know that there are other people out there that have the same concerns that you do. We decided to create this guide to provide some information on what to expect at our meetings.

We recommend that you study up on our public priorities list for Arizona. This is a list of the political issues that we feel are of the highest importance to citizens in our state. These topics come up at our meetings more than other ones so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with them.

Speaking of topics that come up at our meetings…it can be helpful if you stay up to date on current political events. You can get this information from pretty much anywhere, but we recommend listening to Rush Limbaugh and Michael Medved on the radio or watching Sean Hannity. The fastest way to get all the latest political news is at Drudge Report. Matt Drudge does a great job of finding all the news that people concerned about freedom are interested in.

Please do not use our meetings as a way to shout for hours about how great Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or Ted Cruz would be as President. We do love lively discussions about political candidates that support our cause, but we have had several incidents involving devout followers of these candidates that did not end well.

While we’re on the topic of political candidates, please make sure you and everyone that you know gets registered to vote. You would be amazed how many people that support our cause simply do not vote. Please do your part to help fix this problem.

We began as a group of concerned parents that were worried about the liberal education our kids were getting. We started out meeting in each others’ homes and have found that that works well for us. Now, we are basically like a big book club that meets regularly, has potlucks, and talks about politics. We usually have an introduction that is followed by a quick rundown of the latest national and local political topics. We then break into small groups and have lively discussions. The meetings are then ended with refreshments and roaming discussion where people just chat with anyone else they feel comfortable talking to.

Our meetings are entirely funded by our members. Most of time we are able to meet somewhere for free and people volunteer to bring refreshments and snacks. If it’s your first meeting we of course do not ask you to bring anything besides yourself (and your friends if you want). If you would like to volunteer to help out at the next meeting, there will be sign up sheet at the entrance.

Even though we might sound like it, we are not a local Tea Party group. There is nothing wrong with the Tea Party and we honestly have a lot in common with them. We are our own community group and we focus on our own issues and discussions.

If you have any other questions/concerns or would just like to get in touch, please email us. We hope to see you soon!