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Political Candidates

A popular topic of debate at our meetings is about political candidates. There are so many different people that share our values, but it is virtually impossible to get one that agrees with us 100% of the time. That said, here are the candidates that are seeking the office of president of the United States in 2016 that we support.

Marco Rubio – Who would have thought that a senator could become president after just one term? If the Democrats can do it, maybe the Republicans can too and boy would we love it if this guy makes it happen. There’s a lot of love about a ticket with Marco Rubio at the top of it.

Scott Walker – He got national attention for going after labor unions in one of strongest union states in the country, Wisconsin. Liberals got so upset with him they tried to recall him and failed. He’s the only governor is history to survive a recall election. Democrats are deathly afraid of him because of his track record of winning while fighting the unions in a liberal state.