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Reasons to support Scott Walker

Silly season is rapidly approaching as the 2016 Presidential Race has just about kicked off. Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton promises to run away with the Democratic nomination, but the Republican field is truly filled with a diverse set of potential presidential candidates that will give Arizonans plenty of choices. There are the outsiders who hold little chance to do anything but fire off a good line or two in a debate – among them: United States Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, Former New York Governor George Pataki, Former United States Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania, Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina.

There are the “mid-tier” candidates who could possibly stand atop the polls for awhile like Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee, and United States Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. Then there are the so-called contenders: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie. Of this varied group, one stands above them all as both a worthy adversary for Hillary Clinton and a worthy potential leader of the United States of America. His name is Scott Walker.

According to polls for the GOP primary, Scott Walker is a clear frontrunner, leading almost all of them. His greatest strength may simply be that he’s new. He’s not part of the Washington machine, jaded by the wheeling and dealing that’s so ingrained into that city that has continuously failed to put the American people first. As the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker has done more than make lofty promises and give pretty speeches. He has delivered on tangible things for Wisconsin, particularly lowering taxes and cutting spending to balance a state budget that was spinning out of control due to the excesses of previous administrations. These are conservative principles delivered on in tangible ways.

For Arizonans, who have recently been confronted by Washington overreach in the area of illegal immigration, you’ll find a conservative ally in Scott Walker who believes fundamentally in states rights. While the current President believes he can sign an act into law without the consent of Congress and consequently have that law effect the citizens of states who have specifically voted by referendum in opposition of that law, Scott Walker knows that it is local people who know best how to deal with local issues, such as the drain of illegal aliens on taxpayers’ money. Walker specifically believes that the highest priorities for our immigration system should be to protect American workers and wages and keep illegals out. This is refreshing when compared to Marco Rubio’s record on illegal immigration and amnesty.

Arizonans can trust this is true not just through campaign slogans, but through Governor Walker’s actions. When President Obama tried to ram his health care overhaul down the throats of the states, Scott Walker stood opposed and refused to accept Obamacare in the state of Wisconsin. Instead, Walker reformed the BadgerCare Plus plan in order to expand health care access to those who needed it without bankrupting the state’s coffers.

For Arizonans who want a candidate with conservative bonafides that go beyond words and are proved through actions, Governor Scott Walker is the choice.