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Public Priorities in Arizona

If you came to one or two of our meetings, you would quickly find out that there are lots of political issues that we like to talk about and have opinions on. That said, there are some topics that we care very deeply about and believe are of the highest importance to the general public in Arizona. You will hear these issues come up pretty much every time we meet. Here they are…

Arizona public government records – One of the best ways to ensure that our freedoms remain intact is to demand that our government be as transparent as possible. Public government records are one of the best ways to keep our politicians honest. It’s much harder to get away with corrupt activities if the government is required to provide records to the general public. We feel that this is one of the highest priorities for our state and we believe everyone should familiarize themselves with the importance of government transparency.

Get out the vote in Arizona – It is utterly amazing that after this many years of the government treading on the rights and freedoms of Americans that so many people still choose not to vote. Please try to get everyone you know that is a conservative to both register and vote in every election!

Abolish the Arizona state income tax – There are several other states out there that are able to operate fully without a state income tax so why can’t Arizona be among them? Some of these states are really big ones too. Florida, Texas, and Washington state are not exactly small and it’s not like they are skimping on the services that the state government offers either.

Stop illegal immigration and amnesty efforts in Arizona – This issue needs no introduction. Almost everyone in Arizona has either directly felt the impact of illegal immigration or knows someone that has. This issue is so important to us due to our proximity to Mexico and our porous border. It’s a crime to continue to let people into our state illegally and unfortunately, the only ones paying for the crime is our legal citizens.